God Makes Lemonade!

My good friend Eve Gaal is a contributor on this book. She sent me a copy, along with one of her beautiful creations from The Desert Rocks. Pretty cool, huh? (The photo does not do it justice. Trust me.)

On the bottom of this lovely rock is an inscription: I’ll be your Rock of Gibraltar–just whine away and I’ll listen. We all need someone to whine to from time to time, and a rock won’t tell you you’re silly. It won’t scoff at your wounded feelings or mock you. It’s solid, dependable…the perfect symbol of trust and confidence.

I have read some of the stories in the book–starting with Eve’s, of course–and they’re inspiring, uplifting, and at times, tear-jerkers. I will be doing a full review as soon as I’ve finished it…but I want to plug it now, to urge all of you to buy a copy.  The profits from God Makes Lemonade go, via the Lemonaid Foundation, to help single mothers provide better lives for their children.

To buy a copy and learn more about the Lemonaid Foundation, click here.

Thanks, Evie…for the rock, the book, and most of all for being the dear friend you are!