Tell Me What You Think….

I reluctantly agreed to a change in the cover for Angels at Midnight. I happen to love Collin’s original design, but there were problems with it, so I agreed to allow Creativia to make a change–not a completely new cover, just a change. Which one do you think looks best?

86166-angelsatmidnightCollin’s original design…

Angels at Midnight CompleteCreativia’s upgrade…

William Kendall's review of Angels at Midnightand the 1989 Berkley cover….


It’s Not a Confession, But….

My new author page on my publisher’s website is now up. Check it out at!

Creativia logo

But Not the Final Hours for These Promotions!

The special promotion for Angels at Midnight is nearing its end, but as of today, Final Hours begins a special promotion that will end on the 18th. Tomorrow, Chasing the Wind will begin a special promotion that will end on the 19th. If you haven’t read either of them but would like to, now is the best time to buy the ebook editions. Sorry, the paperbacks never go on sale.

Final Hours cover - newCTW 2014

Final Hours is featured in today’s issue of BookSCREAM‘s newsletter. If you’re not already a subscriber, it’s a great way to find free and discounted books!

It’s a Steal–Seriously!

Creativia is doing another special promotion for one of our books. This time, it’s Angels at Midnight, and for the next six days, it’s only $.99 for the ebook.


Theirs was a union born of a quest for revenge.

Ashley Gordon was the toast of the art world. She had it all: talent, a devoted husband and a child she adored–until a cruel twist of fate took it all away.

Collin Deverell turned his back on the family business–until his devious brother put it at risk for a corporate takeover.

Together, they would take back what was theirs…even if it meant breaking the law….


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