So That’s Why This Isn’t Working?

I’m a creature of habit. 

I recently came across an article at Media Bistro that claimed writers do better when writing first drafts in longhand. I used to write everything in longhand. First draft or fourth, I wrote it in longhand. Even though I bought a computer when I sold my first novel, I never could get creative sitting at a desk. I was used to writing wherever I happened to be. I’d usually write parked in front of the TV. 

Years ago, when Collin was working on Sundays, back before I went to church, I’d take my yellow legal pad and my notes to the Long John Silvers two blocks from our place and, parked in a booth by the windows, I’d  write while eating lunch. I’d go early, before the majority of the lunch crowd arrived. It was quiet, the food was good and the view wasn’t too bad–but not so great that it would distract me. I loved it.

Then I convinced myself I could compose on a computer…on my phone…and finally, on my Kindle. And I did compose…a scene here, there, an occasional chapter…I just never finished anything.

I haven’t finished a book in four years. Everything after Final Hours in 2009 was a reissue of one of my previously-published novels.

Thursday, I decided to put the article’s theory to the test. I went back to the storeroom and unearthed some yellow legal pads and black Flair pens. Then I settled down on the couch and started to work on one of my current works in progress. It proved to be an eye-opening experience.

Now I know why I haven’t finished a book in four years….