In Pursuit of the Despicablimp, Part Deux

My mission has failed.

I didn’t get any photos of the Despicablimp. In my wild and crazy youth, I would have chased it all the way to Chicago if I’d had to. These days, however, the extent of my adventurousness (is that a word?) is just getting home from the mall. I get out of breath walking to the kitchen.

I should have gone to the airport when it was parked here and taken photographs. But I had my heart set on an airborne photo. I considered trying to bribe the pilots–but with what? I could hardly offer a home-cooked meal. I wouldn’t wish my cooking on anybody. Oh, sure, Collin eats it and sometimes actually likes it–but Collin has a positively Kryptonian gastrointestinal system. I’ve watched him eat fossilized tacos!

Yep, I’m disappointed. This photo, from the Despicablimp website, was taken as the blimp was approaching Chicago. This is the kind of shot I was hoping for. A blimp at night is a truly beautiful sight to behold!

But this past week, just the prospect of getting that elusive photograph, has been the most fun I’ve had in quite a while. I can’t remember the last time I got so excited about anything. I felt energized–which may be why I’ve been able to write again.

Looking at the comments accompanying the photos posted on the Despicablimp site and reading the Tweets on their Twitter page, I found I was not alone in my response to the big airship that looks like a giant Minion. Everywhere they go, people say just seeing it makes them smile. It makes them happy, just to be a part of the blimp’s journey.

Is this why the two Despicable Me movies are so popular? Is this why Collin and I–and a lot of other people–have baskets full of plush Minions, buy Happy Meals to get Minion toys, and wear Minion T-shirts and boxer shorts? (Don’t laugh–they’re soft and comfy and all those smiling yellow faces promise only sweet dreams!) I can’t speak for everyone, but they sure make me feel happy.

What makes you smile?


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