From Paradise to Redemption….

I did say I was going to devote Wednesdays to promoting my fellow authors, didn’t I?

First up is one of my favorites–Eve Gaal. Eve’s the author of a romance novel I really love and a thought-provoking short story in one of my favorite genres: Christian paranormal. I highly recommend both. Penniless Hearts is a comedy, an adventure and, at its heart, a love story.

It’s almost Christmas, but Penny Himmell is not at her desk. Feeling of late as though she is taken for granted by everyone in her life, Penny itches for adventure and the unknown. Enter Captain Dan Losegg.

On a whim, Penny abandons all responsibilities — including a devoted boyfriend and a father who relies on her — and dashes off to Hawaii with the charming pilot. But before she can say Aloha, trouble brews and Penny finds herself caught up in misadventures and misunderstandings. Suddenly, her so-called dull existence seems rather enticing.

Full of surprises and unexpected twists, Penniless Hearts is a delightful and romantic comedy of errors.


Next is The Fifth Commandment (I admit to have broken this one more than once myself). It’s a short read–as one reviewer noted, something you can read while lounging by the pool.

After Christina breaks the Fifth Commandment, strange things begin to happen – and take her away from home in Normal, Illinois.

Now, she’s back and has to tell them the story within a story, but how can she make them believe? So she had made a mistake – but didn’t all teenagers do the same thing?

The Fifth Commandment is a paranormal memoir entwined with a plot drenching with old-fashioned religious guilt, and short enough to finish in a single sitting – perhaps lounging by the pool or sitting in the garden. The novella follows Christina into a confessional and starts at what we would consider our weakest point.

The point when we first admit our sin.

Check out all of Eve’s works at her Amazon author page and get the 411 on her at Creativia, her publisher’s website….

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