Maybe Old Dogs Can Learn New Tricks, After All

I recently wrote a review for a wonderful book, Sasha: A Very Special Dog Tale of a Very Special Epi-Dog by Brian L. Porter. If you love animals, especially dogs, this is a don’t miss book!


The author asked that I also add the review to the book’s page at Amazon UK. It had never occurred to me that I could do that. I’d never even checked the pages for my own books at Amazon’s foreign sites! I’m the dummy from traditional publishing who was used to having the publisher do everything for me. I still have a lot to learn. A lot.

Anyway, I have a request for those of you fellow authors who have given my books those great reviews (William, Eve, Mari, Shelly…you all know who you are….). It’s easy to post reviews at Amazon UK, Australia, France, and all of the others (I’ve lost count of how many countries have Amazon sites now). Just log in with your Amazon US login info and paste your reviews in there. And if you have books I’ve reviewed, I’ll be doing the same for you. It shouldn’t take too long….



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  1. Hi Norma, thanks for the review. Glad I could help. Here’s another helpful tip. If you go to and set up an free account, you can create universal links for your books. Anyone clicking on that link will automatically be directed to their local Amazon website. It can make a big difference to your sales around the world. Just use the new link instead of the Amazon one when doing an kind of promo. e.g. Sasha was released 4 weeks ago and has had almost 5,500 hits via booklinker already. Hope this helps.

  2. Thanks for the tip! I’m trying to post reviews for other authors’ books at all the Amazon sites. They already appear at Amazon UK, Canada and Australia, but I’m having trouble getting into the others.

  3. The main ones are USA, UK and Australia and Canada, so don’t worry too much if you are having trouble signing in to the non-English speaking sites. Not sure if geographical location is anything to do with it. I can get into France and Germany etc but don’t bother as there aren’t many English speaking readers there, I think. Very interesting about your sales in Canada. I’ve had three best sellers there.

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