Remember the ’90s? I do. That Was When I Took On an Alter Ego….

And I don’t mean a multiple personality. I mean a pseudonym.

Back in the last century (it does seem like it was that long ago!), I wrote at such a fast pace, my publisher–Berkley–was unable to keep up with me. Saying that, it really does feel like another lifetime. Anyway, I got restless, and was challenged by an editor–my agent’s former assistant–to try my hand at series romance. The result was nine romances published by Harlequin Silhouette. I regained the rights to five of them–one of which will soon be published again by Creativia. Harlequin retained the rights to the last four, three of which they reissued as ebooks. I mention them now because with Ms. Maxwell & Son in the pipeline, maybe, just maybe, I can generate some interest in these books and hopefully boost sales for what’s coming up….



Danielle Vine was stumped: she’s been left a huge sum of money but she didn’t know from who or why! She couldn’t accept her inheritance until she found out where it came from, so she hired gorgeous private eye Mitch Newman. Problem was she’d rather kiss the pragmatic man than listen to his ridiculous theories!


Danielle’s case had Mitch tied up in knots! Not only did he know who left her that money, he also knew the truth would break her heart. He’d gotten too close to his beautiful client to hurt her now, but how could he keep her secrets to himself?

(Author’s Note: Not sure where that title came from. I can’t even remember what I originally titled it. Silhouette didn’t change many of my titles.)


Divorcée Laura Westin Hasn’t Had a Date Since Ben, Her Ex, Proposed at the Senior Prom

Option One: Spend Saturday nights wondering what Ben’s doing.
Option Two: Spend Saturday nights “dating” an irresistible stranger on a computer network for singles.

Through aliases, Laura and the anonymous new man in her life “share” their every thought on love, marriage, divorce and dreams. Wiser—but wistful for Ben—Laura agrees to meet Mr. Maybe.

And guess who shows up for their date, shocked to see who is waiting for him?



My dear,
I love you, and being apart from you has made me realize just how much I really need you. I hope you’ll be able to promise that I’ll be coming home to you. Say you’ll be my wife…
All my love always

Amy Barrington couldn’t believe her hopelessly romantic eyes. A fifty-year-old proposal her mother had never received. She just had to get these two long-lost lovebirds back together again—for the sake of true love! Now, if only she could convince cynical Brian Reynolds that his dear old dad and her lovely mother belonged together. And that nothing could be more romantic than a wedding—except a double wedding ceremony, of course….

The fourth novel, Miss Scrooge, is available in paperback, but Harlequin has yet to release the ebook. Not sure why. These books are all available at Amazon….



9 responses

  1. This will probably come as a surprise, Mari, but neither do I. I foolishly made a disparaging remark about how anybody could write one (I found out the hard it’s not easy at all!) and was challenged to do it. My agent didn’t even want to send the first one out. She said I wasn’t writing in the formula. Nobody is more surprised than I am that I wrote and published nine of them!

  2. A reporter who interviewed me told me these books and my Berkley books read like they were written by two different people. Made me wonder if maybe I needed a good shrink!

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