Maybe I Took a Wrong Turn On the Way to…Where?

I had planned to post condensed versions of my upcoming books here, three times a week. It seemed like a good idea at the time. But now…I’ve discovered what could be an even better place to post them. Higher visibility, more readers…what more could any writer want?

So I’m off to check it out. Stay tuned! If all goes well, I’ll post links for anyone who wants to read more….

Write On by Kindle

Write On by Kindle
Find your next favorite read with Write On by Kindle!

Every day, writers come to Write On to share works-in-progress–from short stories to full-length novels–for readers like you to enjoy. On Write On, you can:

  • Read tomorrow’s stories, today. Find new and trending stories in your favorite genres.
  • Let new stories come to you. Follow your favorite writers to be notified whenever they post new stories–or follow stories to get notified when they’re updated.
  • Do it all for free. Enjoy complete access to all stories for free when you sign up with your Amazon account. You can also read a large selection of works without registering.

New stories are posted daily!

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