“I Smell Bacon!”

Whose brilliant idea was it to bring a pig into our home, anyway? Isn’t a pig a barnyard animal?

This pig wasn’t in a barnyard. It wasn’t even near a barnyard. It was in the bedroom…my bedroom. “A pig!” I shouted. “Are you serious?”

Mom picked up the piglet and cuddled it. I didn’t like that one bit. The interloper piglet was taking attention from me. It was stealing my mom’s love. That would never do.

Naptime (5)Why did she want a pig, anyway?

The phone rang. Mom put the intruder down and went to answer it.


I looked down. The piglet was standing below, looking up at me. “What do you want?” I asked, annoyed.

“My name is Iggy. Who are you?” she asked.

“I’m Sam. And that’s my mother.”

“She’s my new mom, too, so I guess that makes you my brother,” she said.

I was about to inform her that we would never be siblings when Sam One appeared. “Be nice,” he told me.

“Why should I?” I asked. “She doesn’t belong here.”

“Yes, she does–because Mom wants her to be here,” Sam One said. “She loves both of you.”

“And if I don’t want to share?”

“Wrong attitude, my friend,” he said. “See, the thing about love is that the more you give, the more you have to give.”

“Right.” I wasn’t convinced.

“I made that mistake,” he remembered. “I was jealous of Collin when he was just a baby. I made a lot of noise, made sure everybody knew I was unhappy–and I ended up the loser.”

I didn’t want to end up the loser. Maybe the pig wasn’t so bad after all. What was her name again….


Iggy wanted to play in Collin’s room. She wanted to because Collin had forbade her to go in there. As soon as he left for school each morning, she’d go trotting down the hall, into the room, and use her snout to push the door shut.

“She’s stubborn,” I said, watching one morning as Grandma ushered her out of the restricted area.

One nosy baby“She’s like any human child,” Sam One told me. “She wants what she can’t have.”

“She wants whatever anyone else has.”

“She’s what humans call a toddler,” he said. “It’s natural.”

She also wanted Collin’s attention. If he ignored her, she would go to any length to get his attention. If he sat on the floor, she’d climb up on his back and bite his neck. When he was due home from school, she’d go out to the front gate and wait for the school bus.

Iggy was quite popular with the kids. They’d call out to her from the school bus. Neighbors brought their small children to see her when she was out in the front yard.

She was a bit of a local celebrity, and she loved it.

8 responses

  1. You are a brave person. I would not be able to bring a pig into my house. I know all the arguments. Let’s just say it is the result of growing up on a farm. Yes, they are extremely intelligent.

  2. I grew up on a farm, too.

    You should have heard my dad when I first talked about getting a pig. He’d ask my mom, “She’s not REALLY thinking about keeping a pig in the house, is she?”

    She was potty trained, though. In fact, I have a friend who still thinks she was trained to go on command, just because I could tell by the way she turned her tail if it was going to be #1 or #2!

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