“This Could Be the Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship.”

They did come back a short time later—though at the time, it felt like an eternity to me. They’d bought a cage and everything else I would need. It was time to go home. Yay!

“You’re leaving now, aren’t you?” my roomie asked.

“Looks like it.” I kept watching the door at the front of the store.

“I’m not going with you?”

pet shop birdsIn spite of my excitement, I suddenly felt bad for her. She was already scared. Now she was going to be alone here. “I don’t know,” I said. I didn’t think so.

I looked up at the birds in the cage above us. “I’m leaving soon,” I told them. “My friend here is a bit shy and afraid. Could you maybe take her under your wings?”

“Oh, sure!” they answered in unison. “Stick with us, honey!”

“Thank you,” she responded timidly.

The door opened. They had come back for me. The girl working in the store came back and opened the cage. My roomie immediately moved to the back. I stepped forward, anxious to go.

“Which one?” the girl asked.

“That one.” My new mom pointed to me.

I didn’t wait to be taken out. I flew…out of the cage and through the store to the checkout counter. Mom laughed. “He’s anxious to go home,” she told her mom.

She was so right!


“I’m going to call him Sam,” my new mom told her mom. I wished I could see her, look in her eyes. Eyes reveal everything, you know. Windows to the soul and all that.

boxHer mom didn’t say anything. I wondered why.

“He’s back,” Mom went on. “I knew it when I saw him. The way he looked at me, flying up to the cash register—he’s anxious to go home.”

“Told you.”

I realized I wasn’t in that box alone. “Sam?” I asked.

“Who else would be in here with you?” he wanted to know.

“Right. So now we’re both Sam?”

“Looks like it.”

“That’s going to be confusing.”

“For who?” he asked. “She can’t see me, and since we’re only going to be talking to each other….”

“Nobody else can see you?”

“Only other non-humans,” he said.

“Why is that?” I asked.

“They used to be able to see what we can see—a long, long time ago,” he said. “Unfortunately for them, they got ‘sophistication.’ They think they’re enlightened. They’ve actually just closed their hearts and minds to all but what they can prove.”

“That makes sense,” I said, with more than a little sarcasm.

“I’ve missed her as much as she’s missed me,” Sam said then. “Take good care of her, Number Two.”

“Number Two?” I laughed at that. “Does that make you Number One?”

“Well, I was here first.”


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