Snippet Sunday: The World’s Ugliest Pen Pal

This week’s snippet is from another of my Toni Collins romances, Letters from Home (soon to be an ebook). In this scene, Joe Parrish, a soldier stationed in Iraq, has been corresponding with Christina Holland, a woman he’s never met. He asked for a photo, and what she sent him comes as a bit of a surprise….

You asked for a photo. I was reluctant to send one at first–I’m not terribly photogenic–but here goes. Hope you’re not too disappointed.

He laughed aloud when he took the photo from the envelope. It was the Bride of Frankenstein–one of those pictures that came in the photo section of a new wallet.

So…the lady has a sense of humor, he thought, amused. My kind of woman. Definitely my kind of woman.

He read on….

Well, now that you’ve seen that, anything else is bound to be an improvement, right?


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14 responses

  1. @Hilary, Cheryl & Shelly: Thank you…all of you!

    @ William: This one is more serious than the others, but it has its moments!

    @ Gayle: Now that's the best kind of compliment!

    @Grace: It works!

    @ Lorelei: It couldn't get much worse!

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