RED ALERT: Bragging Mom On The Loose!

I get to show a bit of motherly pride today! It’s a bit after the fact, but my super-talented son Collin  (who does ALL of my covers) has had two of his cover designs make the semi-finals of the Authors Database 2013 Book Cover Contest! One of them is the cover for my re-released novel The Unicorn’s Daughter. The other is the cover he designed for my friend and fellow author Eve Gaal’s delightful romance, Penniless Hearts.


10 responses

  1. Well I'm not his Mum and I am super proud and happy.
    I have told you before how much I love your re-designed book cover.
    Of course Penniless Hearts cover is wonderful !
    And I have both books !

    cheers, parsnip

  2. I told Collin Beth should have entered some of her covers. He did two for her that I would have liked to had for myself.

    He's updating the Chasing the Wind cover. I may enter the 2014 competition.

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