It’s All About Time….

In a recent post, I wrote about writers’ schedules, how and when they do their best writing. Some of us do our best work in the mornings, while others are at their best in the evenings. Several bestselling authors have said they get up very early–four or five in the morning–and have their writing done by noon. I wouldn’t even be conscious at four in the morning, let alone creative.

I am a somewhat early riser, usually up by six or seven. My left brain’s awake by then, getting organized, figuring out what has to be done that day–but my somewhat temperamental right brain needs time to prepare for the creative process. From waking until about one in the afternoon, the left brain’s in charge…but when the diva on the right takes over, she’s a real b**** when she’s interrupted! If I have an appointment in the afternoon, I get no writing done that day. All business, housework and shopping has to be out of the way before I sit down to write. If that’s not diva behavior, I don’t know what is!

Earlier, I was telling a friend about three authors who used to get together for lunch on a regular basis. One was quite punctual, one compulsively early, and the third habitually late. If they were having lunch at noon, Ms. Punctuality would tell Ms. Early Bird to arrive at 12:30 and Ms. Tardy to show up at 11:30. As a result, everyone got to the restaurant at noon.

Are you an early bird or a night owl? Do you show up early for appointments and social gatherings, or are you always keeping others waiting? When are you at your best creatively?


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15 responses

  1. Hmm, around six works for me, with editing in the evening. Although I'm not a punctuality freak, I consider it an insult if a person shows up too late for an agreed-upon time without a decent reason.

  2. I'm an early bird too Norma.. around 5.30 – 6.00 in the week but I like to sleep in (7.30 – 8.00) on the weekend if I get the chance 🙂 I do try very hard to be on time and usually am but it's a heck of frantic effort to do so, where those last minutes go to I just don't know 🙂

  3. I'm an early riser–4:00! But I do that in order to take my kids to school at 6:50. I use my am time to get breakfast and lunches together, do some exercise and have some prayer time. I'm most creative in the morning, but I need to have shopping, errands and dinner prepped before I start writing. To me, there seem to be too few hours in a day;)!

  4. I'm an early bird–have always been, I guess. Even when I did my crafts, I did my best most energetic work then. As a writer, usually when I wake up, I've got ideas streaming out of me and have to write it down (sometimes I have to make notes during the night in order to get some sleep).

  5. I'd feel the same way, Kittie.

    Years ago, my mom was supposed to meet a close friend for lunch. (This was the pre-cellphone era.) She sat at the restaurant for a couple of hours, waiting. She later discovered her friend had not shown up because the other woman's daughter-in-law had shown up at her house as she was leaving and wanted “to have coffee.” Instead of telling the daughter-in-law she had a previous engagement, she left Mom sitting there waiting.

  6. My mom was that way, Hilary. When she got to the point that she couldn't drive anymore and had to take the bus, she'd be in the bathroom doing her hair when the bus was due. We'd be telling her, “Mom, the bus isn't going to wait for you….”

    I used to give her a bad time. Now MY internal clock's stopped working!

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