My (Book) Babies…All in One Place!

After much nagging, I got Collin to create collages of all of my novels. The first group are the ebooks I self-pubbed. The Unicorn’s Daughter was originally published by Berkley as A Time for Legends. I restored the title I gave it because I got tired of people asking me the meaning of the title the publisher chose (I’d have to respond with, “I have no idea.”). They retitled Alexander’s Empire with Dance of the Gods (original title now restored). I did keep Angels at Midnight because I was never too fond of its working title (Alliance). Cover designs by my talented son, Collin!

Group Two: the Berkley books. Fellow authors and I decided the first four looked like DeBeers ads! As for Luck of the Draw, well, I’d already left the publishing house by then, so I got the generic cover. (I actually saw that cover on another author’s “dump”–bookstore display). Oh, well.

Group Three: my “Toni Collins” Silhouette romantic comedies. These books were a blast to write and the editorial staff great to work with. I hadn’t planned to write them, I only did the first, Ms. Maxwell and Son, on a dare–but I found they were unexpected fun! I’m doing something very similar now with Superhero in Training and Sucker-Punched.

And I have something new in the works, something I’ve never done before and never thought I’d do: short stories. My good friend and fellow author Shelly Arkon just released a wonderful short story, The Partners’ Progeny, as an ebook (cover also by Collin). I found I have some stories of my own to tell…stories from my existing characters’ pasts. Coming up: how Lynne (Chasing the Wind) and ex-husband Darcy met and fell in and out of love…Darcy’s subsequent romance with FBI agent Caitlin Hammond in the wake of 9/11…Alex’s (An Army of Angels, soon to be published) first love, destroyed by his selfish, manipulative “father”…and more.

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  1. I like Colin's bookcovers very much. Although I admit the red backgrounds are eyecatching!

    Glad you're so enthused about writing! Wish I could do short stories!

  2. Norma, I love your collages and Collin's cover art! Just the other day my husband was asking why some author's change the titles of their work and I explained your situation;). You've done such great work! Best of luck with your short stories:).

  3. Thanks, Maria! I tried tp get Collin to leave his job and be a full-time cover designer (he's done work for other authors, too), but he wasn't ready to take that kind of risk. I guess he didn't inherit that gene from me!

  4. How great it is to look back and remember these, Norma.

    Your new projects sound great! Have fun. It's really what its all about, isn't it?

  5. This is wonderful to see, Norma! I love Collin's covers – they put those 'DeBeers ads' to shame:)) (Not that there's anything wrong with DeBeers ads, haha). My hat's off to you and all you do!

  6. I have mentioned this before but I love the cover art for “The Unicorns Daughter”. Collin is very talented and his covers are so much better than your old ones. I would have never picked up any of the Berkley Books cover arts or titles.

    Love Shelly's the short story idea and I wondered if Collin did the cover.

    cheers, parsnip

  7. Oh wow Norma, I didn't realize you had written so many books, fabulous, and to work with your son on the covers is such an added bonus. Are your books available outside of the US..Amazon maybe?

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