The Road to Hell and the Worst of Intentions….

I had a blog planned for yesterday…but then some sick bastard decided to detonate a pair of bombs near the finish line at the Boston Marathon. There are so many things I could say, so many things I want to say, so many things that have already been said…but words are inadequate right now, really. I think this says it all:


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  1. Norma, I think this crushed so many us. I had a big promotion thing going on and it just ground to a halt–and rightfully so. I was just too stunned and sad to do much else.

    Makes all of this writing and blog stuff we do seem very small and unimportant.

  2. It's certainly a crazy world today. But one suspect is now dead and his brother is being hunted. They're Czechnyan, have lived here for ten years, but what in heaven's name possessed them to want to do such an awful thing may be something we never know.

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