And the Cheese Stands Alone…Literally!

It all started innocently enough.

Collin wanted spaghetti for dinner. Now, as anyone who’s been following this blog knows, I have never made any claims to being anything even remotely resembling a good cook. However, my spaghetti is passable. Collin likes it, and his stomach has never been pumped.

He also wanted garlic cheese bread. We had the bread, but no cheese. We were having lunch at McDonalds at the time…there was a dollar store next door…they sold food…. I could just pick up a bag of shredded cheese there, right?

I really need to learn to read labels.

No problems with the spaghetti. I then turned my attention to the cheese bread. I sliced the bread thick, topped it with the cheese and put it on a cookie sheet in the oven, expecting it to be ready in a few minutes.

After five minutes, the cheese hadn’t even started to melt.

Five more minutes. Still nothing.

Another five…nothing. Well, not exactly. The bread was toasting…burning…but the cheese was still not melting!


What was this stuff, anyway? I got the package from the fridge and started reading. See for yourself….

Cheese that doesn’t melt? Whoa!

There’s no way I’m eating this crap, whatever it is–but Collin and I have been kicking around some ideas for alternative uses for it. I can see the headlines now…


Hey–you never know where the next great invention will come from….


11 responses

  1. Oh my gosh, scary stuff being sold to us innocent consumers! In recent years, I've resorted to an old-fashioned wedge of pecorino romano from the market (the poor man's parmesan:) – just as tasty/salty but budget-friendlier…and as an Italian cheeseshop owner once advised me, it practically keeps forever wrapped up in the fridge (the expiration date is a N. American marketing ploy, haha). A medium wedge lasts a while and I grate it over everything from pasta to toast, just a simple rinse of the grater after:)

    Phew, sorry for overlong food comment!

  2. Lovelovelovelove love this post !
    Even the cheese that you buy pre-shredded in a package has some sort of stuff on it so it doesn't clump…. weird.
    I'm with LondonLulu… and have even been known to stick some in my freezer for shredding.

    The NASA idea is fabulous run with it !

    cheers, parsnip

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