It’s My Spot and I’m Sticking To It!

One of the running jokes on my favorite sitcom, The Big Bang Theory, involves neurotic genius Sheldon Cooper’s obsession with his “spot” on the couch in the roommates’ apartment. Sheldon has chosen his special spot for a number of reasons that relate to warmth during the winter, cross breezes during summer, angle in relation to the TV set, etc. It’s played to the extreme for laughs–but how many of you have your own special spot in your living room, in your favorite restaurant, or anywhere else?

When I was growing up, we all had our own spots in the living room. Mom always had a recliner. We had a large sectional couch–Dad and I each got half. In our current home, Collin has a rocking chair. He likes to bring his computer into the living room and get online while we’re watching TV–he has a computer stand on wheels. I’m always on the couch, always on the end next to the endtable. Like Sheldon, I chose my spot for specific reasons: the lamp, which I need for reading, and the table, because I always have something to drink and need a place to set it down.

The funny thing is that almost everyone who comes to visit also goes for that same spot. I’m not sure why. It’s like some little piece of prime real estate, like Boardwalk or Park Place on the Monopoly board!

Collin has his favorite spot in the movie theater. I only care about being in the back row. Anywhere in the back row will do. If it’s stadium seating, Collin likes to go all the way to the top and get the two seats at the end of the aisle, where no one can possibly be sitting in front of us, blocking our view.

I have an issue with the backward-facing seats on our city’s light rail. I don’t like to ride facing backward. Maybe I’m as neurotic as Sheldon….

Church is another place where most people tend to have their special places. On any given Sunday, it’s not too difficult to tell who’s there and who’s not by glancing around the empty places in the pews!

Collin says he used to envison a cartoon depicting the breakroom of his first employer: a long, empty table at which only one person was seated–and a waiting line for that chair!


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  1. I definitely have my spot in our living room, at our kitchen table, in my dance fit class, etc. and it throws me off when someone else takes “my” spot. I'm also picky about where to sit at restaurant tables when there's more than 2 people because I am left-handed and try to take the left side so I'm not elbowing anyone.

  2. I've not yet watched this show (heard so much about it), but can relate to the favorite spot! I've got my own little corner of the couch firmly established:)

  3. My mother has her spot in the living room- largely because she wants a slideup table that she can use for writing, reading, whatever items she wishes to have close at hand. So her chair is her chair alone.

    At a table, being left handed, I'm always looking for particular spots to sit so that I won't end up elbowing someone.

  4. I think finding a place to sit is especially tough for those of you who are left-handed, since most things are designed with the right-handed in mind.

    Those slideup tables do come in handy. Unfortunately, our couch has no legs, so I can't really use one….

  5. I remember my mom's favorite place and now I have mine. I guess we're all creatures of habit and not neurotic! LOL Our church in wintertime through Easter is packed to the gills with standing room only and so we prefer the back pew during these times so we can have a bit of breathing room. Funny, but the back pew seems to be very popular and we get cramped in anyway.

  6. Any chair with arms to help me get up and a side table for my drink.
    So true about the church.

    Just back from the vet another IV pack and appetite booster for Watson. Then off to store for baby/toddler chicken sticks and pancakes the only food he will eat now.

    Hope this isn't a double post I think I deleted the first one.
    cheers, parsnip

  7. In my household I sit where the cats let me! LOL!!

    But I also don't like sitting backwards on a train!! I go out of my way to seat going forwards!

    And in my “advanced years” always aim for the aisle seat in the cinema/theatre so I could run to the toilet whenever without as little fuss as possible! LOL!

    Take care

  8. Church seating reminds me of school. The smart/good kids sit up front, while the troublemakers try to get as far back as possible. The only difference is that the pastor doesn't make us move up front when we give him a bad time.

    At least he hasn't so far….

  9. I love big, comfy sofas! I used to have a big, overstuffed one. The one I have now is really old, but I hate to give it up because it's so good to sleep on! I'm thinking about having it and Collin's chair reupholstered….

  10. Could have sworn I commented on this! I think my computer is taking advantage of my ignorance to do stuff like that!

    Anyway, my household all have favorite spots. My guy likes his end of the sofa, and I like my end of the sofa.

    My girl cat likes the sun room sofa, the day bed, the twin bed, the back of the chair overlooking the dining table, my end of the sofa, our bed, and the pirate cuddler.

    The boy cat likes our bed, my end of the sofa, the day bed, the twin bed, and the pirate cuddler when he can sneak in without the girl cat noticing.

  11. Oh, but I could relate to your post, Norma. Hub sits in his recliner; I flop on the sofa. Even when he's on a business trip, I flop on the sofa. Just never got the hang of a recliner. Anyway, we had a cat, Chessy, who napped on a chair in the living room at a certain time each day. One day, a neighbor came over, forgot about Chessy's chair and sat down. Chessy rounded the corner, saw the neighbor, and paced in front of her until the neighbor laughed and got up. Chessy hopped up on the chair, curled into a ball, and went to sleep.

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