Tooting My Own Horn…So Shoot Me!

Today, I’m promoting one of my own! I just released The Unicorn’s Daughter via Smashwords today, which means it‘s now available for all e-readers! From now until February 28th, it’s free! Just use this coupon code: SP26W

It’s also available in paperback (as well as ebook format) at Amazon, for those of you who still like their books the old-fashioned way. Unfortunately, I don’t have the free book option for paperbacks. I’d even have to pay for my own copies!

20 responses

  1. You are always so busy, I feel like such a slacker.
    Good news on the paperback… I just bought Second Hand Shoes and now I will zoom over to Amazon and hit the Buy with one click button.

    The Square Ones send woofs !
    cheers, parsnip

  2. Thanks, Lulu–to show you how little we earn off the paperbacks, I just got my statement from Create Space, which prints them. $14.00/copy for a paperback–I made $.95. Compare that to $2.99 for the ebooks, for which I get 70%.

  3. I go back and forth on this. They are print on demand, so there's not a bunch of books sitting in a warehouse somewhere…but formatting them is really a PITA.

    Still, when I get messages like I've gotten here, from people who want to buy them…how can I not do it?

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