Guest Post: Eve Gaal, author of Penniless Hearts

My friend Norma Beishir invited me to guest post for her blog and I must say the opportunity is truly an honor. After all, Norma Beishir has written over 16 novels, several or all of which were national bestsellers. While I’m certainly not in her league, maybe tinges of her talent will rub off through magical blogging osmosis.

Talent runs deeper than the Mississippi river in the Beishir family. I found this out when Collin, Norma’s son made a cover for my new book Penniless Hearts. I wanted something simple and memorable and he delivered a truly eye-catching cover that will draw readers wanting to know more about the waves, the blue water and the heart in the sand.
Over twenty years ago, I married my Prince Charming on the sand in Hawaii. It was so romantic that the following year we went back and though it was still romantic, it seemed that even in the wondrous ambiance that is Hawaii, reality tends to knock on your door. Fortunately, some memories are etched in stone and that’s why I chose Hawaii as the setting for Penniless Hearts. The second time made me look at things differently and without rose colored glasses. Where was that special breeze that seemed to float under the stars on our honeymoon? I needed to re-create the dreamy atmosphere and I truly hope when people read Penniless Hearts they’ll feel something special.
Penny the main character is an artist. Though she’s smart, she has trouble communicating and is tempted onto the dark side. A place that sounded fun for about ten minutes. …Though lost and alone, she’s not afraid; after all, it is Hawaii. Now that she’s older, things are supposed to work out, or at least that’s what her mother used to say. Lately however, she’s been hiding in her imagination or reading fantasy novels while her dad has been waiting for something, anything to happen. Thank God, she has John and Tina. Two people who love her for entirely different reasons.
Read Penniless Hearts and find out what happens when Penny’s life erupts like the volcano on The Big Island.
My novel has no vampires and only traces of blood. There’s a volcano, illicit sex, tropical flowers, bad guys, cops, dream sequences, tears and love. There’s even a touch of humor. Here’s a strange but funnier section—funny since, I have seen these animals with my own eyes!
From Chapter 89:
Penny woke from yet another nightmare to kisses, or maybe drooling slurps. Something wet licked her arm, and moved up her neck snorting hot guava breath onto her face. Opening her eyes, she saw enormous eyes, huge lashes and giant hairy nostrils. Quickly, she pulled away rolling out from under the smooching beast. The wild asses that roamed the jungle floor had wandered out from the foliage to inspect the sleeping trespasser.

Yuck,” she yelled, “Get away.” Disgusted, she stood up and moved her stuff closer to the rising tide. Though she thought they were cute, she also thought they should stick to their own kind. She took off her boots and socks and walked on volcanic, black sand, into the water to rinse off the spittle. When she looked up, she saw the creatures retreating into the leafy vegetation. “Just kiss and run huh?” She laughed.

Get Penniless Hearts today on Kindle by clicking here now!

Thank you, Evie, for sharing your new novel here!

Having read Penniless Hearts, I can honestly say it’s a wonderful novel. Anyone who buys it will not be disappointed!

Eve also has other works available on Amazon. Be sure you check out all of them….

14 responses

  1. I have a review in the works for your novel, Evie…a truly wonderful romance…just the sort of story I like. Good luck to everything you do. You deserve it.

  2. Congratulations on the novel! I greatly admire anyone who can produce a book, takes such dedication and talent. And of course, having grown up in Hawaii, I'm not at all biased in saying I love your choice of book cover (beautiful work by Collin) and setting:)

  3. Congratulations on the release of you book Evie, Hawaii is the perfect setting for a romance, many people would like to think they had a book in them, only a few follow through, much admiration coming your way.

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