Resolutions Are Made To Be Broken….

I’m getting off to a great start here.

This was supposed to be my regularly scheduled Friday blog–but it’s been a long week and for most of the day yesterday, I wasn’t even sure it was Friday. Fortunately for me, I’m probably the only one who noticed I didn’t post anything yesterday.

Ironically, today’s post is about New Year’s resolutions.

Nope, I’m not resolving to stick to a regular blogging schedule. I’m terrible with schedules. I hate having to be in a certain place at a certain time. After fourteen traditionally-published novels, I couldn’t make it in that world if my life depended upon it. I would have been sued for breach of contract long before now.

I’ve missed doctor appointments because I forget I have them. I don’t make appointments to get my hair cut–I go to a place that doesn’t require one. (Okay, yes, I’ve had a few stinker cuts and have been on the verge of throttling the stylist–but that can happen in an upscale salon, too!)
But I’m getting off track here. Resolutions. Normally, I don’t make any. Resolutions, like rules, seem made to be broken. But this year, I think a few are in order:

1. No more blogging schedule. I’m pretty sure most of my followers (thanks, guys!)  either subscribe or see it on their blogrolls or my Facebook and Twitter links.

2. Less time online. All play and no work makes for a writer who doesn’t publish anything–and I have enough of a struggle in that area. What used to come easily is now like going across the Atlantic from the US to Europe in a rowboat. 

3. More focused marketing. None of us can be everywhere all the time, so I’m sticking with what’s worked best for me: Facebook–commenting in places where I actually have something to contribute, and not just hanging out in writers groups. Posting reviews on Amazon–and not just for books. Remember the tried-and-true advice on finding a life partner?  Look for them by doing things you enjoy doing. If you meet people who enjoy the same things you do, there’s a good chance they’re going to enjoy your books, too.

I post smartass comments on Facebook pages for pro wrestling and soap operas. They get noticed. Go figure.

Did you make any resolutions? What are they?


13 responses

  1. You've got enough of a readership that people will turn up at your blog as it is. As long as you don't start only posting every year and a half…

    Kitty might not look the part, but kitty is very comfortable…

  2. I'm with you on dropping the regularly scheduled blogs. I have a few other resolutions (which I call goals, as I'm less likely to break them if I call them that) that I'll blog about in the new year. All the best in 2013, Norma!

  3. I've given up making New Year's resolutions because I know come February, I'd have forgotten them! LOL!!

    Good luck with yours!! I hope your 2013 continues to be a success for you! Take care

  4. Best of luck with your resolutions, Norma. Speaking as a chronic list maker, I shun New Years Resolutions as they serve only to exacerbate my lists. And NO! I will not resolve to give up list making! LOL

  5. Good luck with your resolutions… I have given up making any years ago – I never stick to them…

    I am the same way with appointments – I stink at keeping calendars – I have been known to show up at dr appointments a day early or late, and I make my hair appointmments the day of…

  6. Well I don't do facebook or twitter Norma so unless you do the odd post I'm stuffed haha! Seeing as my blog is a daily one I do try and stick to it, its definitely a challenge that's for sure, we'll just have to see how it goes. Heres wishing you a happy, healthy and mega creative NewYear.

  7. Grace, I love that photoblogs are daily! I really enjoy being able to see the world through the eyes of talented photographers showcasing their hometowns. But if I blogged every day, I'd bore everyone to death!

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