My Brain Just Rebooted???

First of all, thanks to everyone who commented here and at WordPress on my blog post regarding my nuisance neighbors. Not one of you told me I was being unreasonable. I appreciate that!

Some of you know that I’m epileptic, the result of a brain injury when I was a teenager. I was hit by a rock thrown by a bunch of unruly kids throwing them at each other in the street outside our house. Is it any wonder I can’t tolerate bratty kids?

I don’t have grand mal seizures. What I have is a little difficult to describe. I think Collin said it best earlier this evening: my brain rebooted. In the middle of a conversation, I just stopped responding. He says it lasted for a couple of minutes. I remember feeling confused afterward, like I had missed something. I remember having a headache for a few days before, and feeling exhausted afterward. I’m not allowed to drive or do things like cook (except with a microwave or crock pot) or even take a bath when I’m alone. Showering is okay. I guess the possibility of doing a faceplant in the bathroom floor is no big deal.

I’m not surprised it happened. Stress tends to trigger seizures, and the past few weeks have indeed been stressful. In addition to dealing with my idiot neighbors, I’ve been adjusting to Collin’s new work schedule and my own. Thanks to Stephannie and Ruth  at The Self-Published Authors Lounge, I think I’ve found a routine I can love.

But getting back to the events of this evening…when I didn’t get online at the usual time, William got worried. He didn’t know Collin was home, so he contacted my friend Carole, my pastor’s wife. She phoned me to see if I was all right. She said she could tell I was, because I was funny. 

William is a sweetheart. All the way up in Canada, and he manages to make sure I’m okay. What would I do without him?  Certainly not laugh as much. Check out his blog and see for yourself. His parody of A Christmas Carol is hilarious!

My neurologist has wanted to know what happens when the seizures occur. I can finally tell him. I wonder how he’ll react to a cerebral reboot?

20 responses

  1. Norma as long as your sense of humor is intact, I can relax. On the day that you don't have a smart comeback I will get worried.

    It is pretty cool that you have Collin and William watching out for you. That makes me happy.

  2. So good to hear that your OK and rebooted !
    Also so great that William knows what time you come online to keep an eye on you.
    Good friends are worth their weight in gold.
    So nice to see Carol commenting. Hello Carol !

    cheers, parsnip

  3. Glad it turned out OK and very nice that William and Collin could watch out for you. I agree with angryparsnip, good friends are priceless. (William's blog is great, given me much-needed chuckles!)

  4. My cousin is married to a guy who gets rather severe seizures, which wipe him out completely, but he can feel it coming, so he has time to stop what he's doing and lie down.

    Strangely it affects his long term memory.

  5. I have some short-term memory issues. My neurologist explained that every seizure takes a little (or a lot, depending upon the severity)away from the brain.

    Your cousin's husband has an aura. I don't always get that warning.

  6. Norma, I'm glad to kow all is well! I didn't know you had epilepsy. I have a cousin who dveloped it at three. A brain reboot is a good way to describe a seizure. Btw, what a sweetheart and good friend William is!

  7. It's comforting to know that you're surrounded by very caring friends Norma, it's so hard not to stress out at times, almost impossibly really. Do you meditate? I bet your writing must be a good stress relief yeh!

  8. It's terrible, the things people do without thought to consequences. But it's inspiring how you've gotten on with your life. Many wouldn't. Years ago, one of the teachers where I taught had epilepsy. He compared his head to his car, said he'd have to jump-start it. Kinda the same as a computer? Yes, William is super. Think I'll click over and pester him. In the meantime, I wish you and yours a joyful holiday and a very Merry Christmas.

  9. William is solid gold. Managing the stress is such an important thing. It's difficult enough to work through things when you're not fighting yourself. I admire your gumption lady! 😀 Happy holidays! (In case I don't get a chance to wish it again before the New Year arrives.)

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