Beishir Books Welcomes Lena Winfrey Seder

Today I have a guest post from a very dear friend–who also happens to be a talented writer/reviewer/interviewer. Lena Winfrey Seder is a lady of many talents. Take it away, Lena!

Every Writer’s Dream


Lena Winfrey Seder

Thank you my dear friend Norma for inviting me to your blog.

As I’m sure most of you know, Norma is a very prolific and talented writer. We can all learn so much from her. As writers, I’m sure it is our ultimate dream to write whatever we want. Many of us end up writing what we’re told to write. I know I don’t want to be stuck into one box– one genre or type of writing. I enjoy versatility.

Self-publishing authors can indulge in the freedom of publishing whatever they want as compared to those working with traditional publishing houses. I think this might change in the future as traditional houses feel more pressure from both the economy and the competition of the self-publishing market. The ease of publishing in the digital age is forcing them to reassess the way they have been doing business. Hopefully, this will one day result in good news for all writers.

How did I end up as a writer? Well, I have been writing poetry and short stories since childhood. However, I used to view writing as a hobby because I was focusing on acting and music. I switched majors in college three times: drama to music (voice and piano) to English literature. I realized I loved writing and literature. So, I did achieve an MA in English Literature and spent some years teaching.

Finally, after publishing some poems and articles, I awoke to the realization that I wanted writing to be my career. I realized I had been blessed with a special gift of writing and had developed the skills to communicate and to entertain. When I love a subject, words just flow out like a river.

Most writers are told to focus on one genre. Most prefer writing either fiction or non-fiction. I discovered I can actually write almost anything. I hate limitations. If I’m inspired or passionate about something, then I want to write it. I write both fiction and non-fiction though most of my publishing experience has been with non-fiction. I even did newspaper reporting for awhile.

These days, I’m concentrating more on fiction. I write short stories, poems, novels and screenplays. I am a compulsive multi-tasker. My various projects hang above my head like grapes to be plucked according to my inspiration. I will write on one project while researching or editing another. I will put one to rest for awhile to start on a new one. One thing I don’t like is sitting still. If I’m not writing, then I’m reading and reviewing books, especially for friends.


My advice to writers is to write from the heart and not to worry about fitting into one genre. Don’t force yourself into a box. Enjoy your story, and it will tell itself. Create something special. The down-side to self-publishing is the fact one must market one’s self. However, even traditional houses expect a writer these days to do their share of self-marketing. I published recently with an overseas publisher and was quickly thrown into the reality that I needed to do my share of marketing. So, I’m learning along the way.

I grew up reading everything I could from Ernest Hemingway, and I suppose he had some influence on my writing style. I do like to keep my writing clear and sharp. I figure reading should be a joy and not a chore, so I keep the reader in mind while writing. Yes, we write to express ourselves, yet we also want to be heard.

I enjoy reading variety as much as writing it. I read science-fiction, mysteries, religion, thrillers, biographies and anything interesting with fresh, clever writing. I enjoy people who know how to wield words well.

One of my favorite writers is Norma Beishir. She is an amazing storyteller who digs deep into the psychology of her characters, and she weaves wonderful stories full of intrigue. Her writing mesmerizes me.

My first major novel, The Metamorphosis of a Muslim, is an autobiography that follows my spiritual quest while detailing my background and childhood. It follows my world travels through Africa, Asia and the Middle East. I share my view on these places as well as many anecdotes.

I hope you will fly a butterfly’s journey with me in my novel that can be found at:


You may also read a couple of reviews at:

And please come visit my blog: where I focus on the power of words, writing, reviews, inspirational topics and so much more.

Currently, I am working on a paranormal novel that could end up as a trilogy. I have a realistic fiction novel brewing on the backburner. And I am adapting a novel into a screenplay. Films are still in my blood, so it is my dream to one day write, direct and produce a film. Whenever I think of giving up, I always remember a quote from childhood: “Dreams give us wings.” It helps to believe in our dreams so we can carry on, but we must be realistic and practical, too. We need to list down the steps we must take to reach our goals. Success takes hard work as well as dreams.

Again, Norma, thank you for having me on your blog. It has been a real pleasure! 


27 responses

  1. Norma, thanks for hosting Lena. I’m so glad to learn more about her and I think she’s a brilliant writer!

  2. Lena is very talented with her writing, and she most definitely is a wonderful interviewer. If she could, I’d say she should be paid to do it, she is so good at it.

    I look forward to reading her books in the future.

  3. I’m so glad I had an opportunity to meet Lena recently. We didn’t have long to talk, but the time flew by. She’s a fascinating lady. Thanks again, Lena, for taking time out of your trip. Love you, girl!

  4. Norma, thank you very much for the great compliments and for inviting me to blog. You are a terrific, sweet, amazing writer and person!

  5. Eve, Beth and Karla, thank you very much for all of the sweet compliments! Karla, I’m also very glad we got to meet; you are also a very interesting and amazing lady! I hope one day we can all meet in person. You are all a great group of ladies!

  6. An easy read and flow and relaxed posting. But so promising to new writers or those considering the arena. Very positive. Wish I had your energies!

  7. Norma,
    Thank you for letting Lena be a guest blogger on your blog. 🙂

    Cool guest blog post. You’ve expressed a lot about yourself, and it was a lovely, positive post. 🙂

  8. Great post, Lena! I’m surprised that you list Hemingway as an influence, but he’s a good one to have.

    It sounds like so many of us, you’ve taken some of the same sources and applied them to your own creative spark.

  9. Thanks, William! Hemingway is just one of many influences, but I’d say he is the main one. I must have absorbed him. Yet, I always put a piece of me inside of my writing– like a piece of my soul.

  10. Hemingway just had his way with words. I think I read almost every book he had written, and re-read some, too.

  11. Thanks very much! I wish I had more energy; if I did then there would be so much more I would do. I suppose we all wish this. Take care!

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