What’s Old is New Again: Angels at Midnight

Last month, we released The Unicorn’s Daughter as an ebook. It was originally published by Berkley as a paperback original titled A Time for Legends in 1990. Don’t ask mewhat that title means–Berkley’s marketing chimps were aiming for knockoffs of Sidney Sheldon titles, and that was the best they could come up with. (I was so embarrassed when people would ask me what it meant and I had no answer for them!)

So far, it’s done well…so later this month, we’ll be releasing another of my backlist titles for Kindle with another great cover designed by Collin. Yes, I am keeping the title Berkley gave it, Angels at Midnight (the working title was Alliance). I don’t know what this marketing chimps creation means, either, but at least I like it.

Angels revolves around a world fencing champion with Olympic ambitions and a successful artist whose lives are destroyed by the same man. Joined together by their need for revenge, they’re not above bending–make that breaking–the law. I hope you’ll check it out!

Coming in late July: Luck of the Draw…in August: Alexander’s Empire…and in September, Solitaire….


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