And the Next in Line is…

Angels at Midnight!

Collin just finished the cover for the ebook edition of the 1989 novel by the same title. The ebook will be available on Amazon in late June (or early July, depending upon how long it takes KDP to take it “live.”)

Angels is the story of Collin Deverell (yes, I named the character for my son!), heir to an oil baron and his art patron wife. Unlike his twin brother, Justin, Collin has no interest in the family business. He’s a world fencing champion who has Olympic gold ambitions. When their parents are killed while traveling in South America, Collin deals with his grief with world travel, women and high-stakes gambling. He finally comes home to find the family fortunes taken over by a syndicate and vows revenge. His need to take down those who have duped his brother gives him a focus he’s never had before.

Enter Ashley Gordon-Hollister, former daughter-in-law of the crime boss Collin is after. Ashley, too, wants to bring Hollister down. After the death of her husband, Hollister’s son, he and his wife took her son away from her. She’s a pawn in Collin’s scheme at first, but soon becomes his partner…and eventually, his lover. Together, they play a dangerous game and stay one step ahead of the insurance investigator determined to bring them down….

Though it wasn’t planned, there’s an odd bit of timing  involved with the ebook publication of The Unicorn’s Daughter last month and now with Angels at Midnight. The Unicorn’s Daughter begins during World War II. We released it just before Memorial Day. Angels at Midnight features a male protagonist who’s a fencing champion. Fencing is one of the sports of the Summer Olympics, which begins only a few weeks from now…..

Honestly, I didn’t plan it that way!


10 responses

  1. I was worried that we'd be down to the wire and there would be no cover…but he'd been figuring it all out in his head and sat down and put it together last night. Over lunch yesterday, he asked what locales were in the book. When I mentioned Paris, that was it as far as Collin was concerned.

  2. Evie–I'm really proud of the work Collin's done with the covers. Wait until you see the website he's designed for us! He may have it up and running by next week….

  3. Smashing cover !
    Funny, I just wrote a rather long comment last night on another blog about book cover art and movie posters and here comes your blog post.
    I must admit sometimes you need to work thing out in you mind or in scribble form… then it is just a sit down and get it done.
    The covers I see from Collin have been really wonderful, he has a good eye.

    cheers, parsnip

  4. Be sure and let us know when it goes live. I had to take a fencing course at LSU as part of the cumulative credits needed. Actually, I had to take it because my first five million choices were filled. Yep, I worked my buns off. Fencing is deceiving, not the easy crossing of swords it looks to be. So, I'm looking forward to your book. The legacy of that course is I enjoy books that have fencing interwoven.

  5. Kittie, I will be posting here when it's available–and thank you!

    I took fencing lessons when I was researching the book, and loved it. It's my second favorite Olympic sport (next to equestrian events).

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