Beishir Books Welcomes Amanda McLain-Young

If it was legal to kill, would you? Welcome to Suriax, a city where killing is accepted as normal and laws mean everything. Kern must grapple with questions of morality, destiny and a queen who wants him dead. Throw in a pact with a god and you have an event that will change the people of Suriax forever.

 Suriax follows Kern, a member of an elite assassin and espionage organization known as the Flame Guard. This group is also known to worship Venerith, the Corruptor. They reside primarily in the city of Suriax, a place founded on the teachings of Venerith, a god of laws devoid of morality. He is also a god of fire. It is said that only the blue fire of Venerith is hot enough to burn through the sentimentality of laws that became distracted with notions of right and wrong. His laws were pure, true laws. As such, in Suriax it is perfectly legal to kill or rob another person . . . as long as you file the proper paperwork. Far from anarchistic, the city is quite orderly and the citizens believe in a strict observance of the law. So the question becomes, who would you kill?

I began writing Suriax as a favor to my husband. He was working on creating a world for a dnd (Dungeons and Dragons) campaign and asked for my help in working out some of the back story and mythology. I came up with a few short descriptions for the history of a couple of cities and an origin story for some important characters. When I began my National Novel Writing Month challenge last November, I decided to take my four page summary and turn it into a full blown story. It was my first attempt at writing fantasy, so my husband played a big role in the development of the story. Without him, Suriax would not exist.

 Ironically, Kern did not even make an appearance in that first summary I gave my husband, but when I began work on the book he made his appearance from page one. Kern had a story to tell, and I couldn’t refuse him. I had no idea he would become so important to the story and the world.

I was always drawn to the paranormal, sci-fi, and fantasy. I wrote school papers on time travel and Bigfoot, took physics and astronomy for fun, played dungeons and dragons, read comics, watch anime and frequently attend renaissance festivals. Yes, I’m a nerd.

I wrote my first book when I was twelve years old. It was a short science fiction story that helped me pass the time during summer vacation. I don’t remember too much of where the ideas came from, but it was the first time I ever finished any of my various artistic projects and helped me to know I was meant to write. My second book was very different. It was the first book of my Spirit of the Wolf series. I wrote Wolf of the Past after watching a movie at Halloween that gave me ideas for a story involving werewolves. I didn’t expect it to lead anywhere. Now, that book is the basis for my werewolf romance series.

I am currently working on book 3 in my Spirit of the Wolf werewolf romance series. It is titled Wolf of the Future. For that series I write as A.D. McLain. I am also working on book 2 in my History of Ondar fantasy series. As with Suriax, this is a joint project with my husband. I write as Amanda Young for my fantasy books.


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–Amanda McLain-Young

Thank you, Amanda, for joining us!  I love your author photo, and that’s a stunning cover. I haven’t read it yet–but I intend to do so soon…and I hope it’s a huge success for you!




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  1. Ooooh, I’ll have to check these out. Thanks for sharing how the books came about. Kinda neat writing them for one purpose (DnD) and coming out with a great finished product.

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