A Once-in-a-Lifetime Event…and Venus Transits the Sun, Too!

Today, in certain parts of the world, we’ll be able to witness an an event of astronomical proportions–literally. Venus will pass between the Earth and the Sun. For a backyard astronomer like myself, this is like Christmas in June!

This photo is from the National Geographic’s website. Check them out for more photos and info on safely enjoying the transit. It won’t happen again until 2117!

(You have to look closely to see Venus–that little dot to the right. It’s not like a lunar eclipse, which almost blocks out the Sun.)

And I hope you’ll hop over and check out my Beishir Books site, where I’ve posted on the success of the release of the reboot of The Unicorn’s Daughter and the secondary characters who demanded–and got their own book, a comedy with the working title Sucker Punched!

Tune in tomorrow, when I’ll be discussing how to deal with divas….

15 responses

  1. That would be so cool to see.

    Back a few years ago (ok, like maybe 1996 or 97?), there was a solar eclipse happening. We watched on tv how to view the solar eclipse without hurting our eyes…we watched the eclipse through a box, and it worked so well. The same thing would probably work here as well, although, maybe not to the same clarity as that photo you have.

    I would love to be able to see that…wow!!

  2. As a kid I would have just decided to stare right into the sun to see it. Thanks for the photo–that will have to do– as I already wear coke-bottle thick glasses from too much reading and sunshine!

  3. Me too…and I have zero tolerance for them.

    Collin thinks I should pitch Sucker Punched to Vince McMahon, since the WWE has a film company. I have to admit, it would be fun!

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