Toni Collins…One of My Alter Egos

It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything under my “Toni Collins” pseudonym, so I was pleasantly surprised to not only see some of these romantic comedies not only turning up on Amazon, but with some great reviews!

Here’s one for Immoral Support:

5.0 out of 5 stars
Extra! An Impossible to Put Down Romance!, March 31, 2010
This review is from: Immoral Support (Silhoutte Desire, No 686) (Paperback)

Kathleen Wilder is a reporter for the small St. Louis Daily Mirror. She’s a hard working career gal, who can take care of herself. She likes her job, her life and the direction her career is moving. However, she has a nemesis who works for the city’s number one newspaper, who keeps scooping her and gloating about it. A Pulitzer Prize winning reporter named Mel Riggs. She can’t stand him, at least that’s what see tells anybody who will listen. And they just nod their heads, because they know Mel is her ex-husband and that she’d do anything to one up him.

Mel Riggs won’t admit he’s still carrying a torch for Kathy. But the truth is, he is. They’d been married for two years, but that was ten years ago. The marriage didn’t work, because he’d been too competitive with his wife and he resented the fact that she was working in the same field as he was. He didn’t at first, but it got him, her being so good. His male ego couldn’t take it.

Now Kathy has a contract to do a book on a criminal case. She calls Mel to gloat and he promptly accepts a deal with the prosecuting attorney to do a book with him. No way will he let Kathy succeed at anything, unless he does it better.

Ms. Collins has written a witty story that I couldn’t put down. She has delivered two wonderful characters who go head to head again and again, before they ultimately realize that maybe they were just meant for each other after all. Of course, it took a plane ride in a lightning storm to finally give Mel the courage to talk to Kathy as an equal. I just loved this story and I think you will too.

Something Old…

Most Helpful Customer Reviews

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5.0 out of 5 stars 
WHAT A SWEET STORY!!, August 31, 2000
Carolyn Christy “Caro” (Fairhaven, Ma. United States) – See all my reviews
This review is from: Something Old (Silhouette Romance, No. 941) (Paperback)

I was surfing through the out of print books and came across a gem of a book! SOMETHING OLD by Toni Collins, is a wonderful, funny story. Gabby Thorne is twenty nine years old and dispairs of finding love. Oh, she has had her share of crushes but has never been “in love”. She wants to be committed body and soul to someone. Enter Adrian Lacross. He is the new owner and publisher of the International Intruder and is also, her boss. But Adrian Lacross is no normal man. He is a vampire. In the twelveth century he was a prince who had willingly given up any and all ties to the mortal world in his quest for immortality. Now centuries later, he finally realizes the terrible price has been forced to pay. He has been alone for endless centuries. So very alone until he sees Gabby. There is something about her that enchants him. That draws him. . . But Gabby is no ordinary woman. Her Grandfather is a vampire hunter who has hunted Adrian in the past. He has raised his grandchildren with the belief that there are vampires walking the night. Gabby notices right away how different her boss is. For one, no one has seen him or even his picture before. One fateful night Gabby stays late at work and discovers, to her shock, that the glass covering his desk reflects no image. Gabby confronts Adrian and discovers his dark secret. He is a vampire! Even knowing that he is one of the undead, she begins to fall in love with his warmth and gentleness. He in return, falls deeply in love. All the while knowing that their worlds are so very far apart . . . How can they possibly have any relationship with him a vampire and her a mortal? Will her Grandfather give his consent or will he do everything in his power to destroy their love? Toss in an evil villain, an overprotective Grandpa along with a sweet love story and you have a gem of a book. SOMETHING OLD made me laugh and filled me with a warmth that lasted the entire day. What a sweet story!!!!!

and  Miracle Dad!

5.0 out of 5 stars 
INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, June 24, 1998
This review is from: Miracle Dad (Celebration 1000!, Fabulous Fathers) (Silhouette Romance #1008) (Paperback)

Derek Wolfe was too young to die. The true pain is not Derek’s, though. His children, Patrick and Alexandra, are the ones really hurting. They are in a foster home, temporary at best. So Derek demands to return to Earth, but doesn’t consider the consequences. His children don’t recognize him, and their foster mother, Evelyn Sloan, thinks he is engaged to her! Now he has to become a father to Patrick and Alexandra again, but he can only do that by marrying Evelyn. Derek’s problems pretending to be someone he isn’t causes some humor. This book has a great cast of supporting characters: Michael, Derek’s boss with a bad sense of humor; Sharon, Evelyn’s cynical sister, and many others. I would recommend this book to anyone. Really. I’m 14, and I enjoyed it.

These books are not yet available as ebooks, but they soon will be.


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  1. Those are wonderful reviews and your vampire story sounds like you preempted Ms Meyer by many years. The book “Desire” is fascinating to me because the one I’m working on is about the newspaper business too and the last one “Miracle Dad” reminds me of a young adult book I wrote about a young girl who is given another chance on Earth. Hopefully, I’ll read these someday soon. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I actually got the vampire idea from a short-lived TV series–Dracula: the Series. In the TV series, Dracula was a good-looking mogul with an evil sense of humor who was constantly harassed by three kids and their schnitzel-loving uncle–who happened to be descendants of Van Helsing.

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