An Interview, An Update, and a Meltdown!

First off, I’d like to thank Penelope Crowe at Hot Books Daily for interviewing me in connection with the re-release of Chasing the Wind. If you’d like to read the interview, click here.

And now…after revising Chasing the Wind, I had planned to expand Final Hours to three first-person points-of-view. But after considering how far behind I am on almost everything, from writing to laundry, I decided against it. Collin did, however, reformat the book and the updated version will be free at Amazon for five days, starting tomorrow!

Getting there has not been easy. First, I discovered the first file Collin had used was missing about twenty pages. I stupidly created a whole new file…so now, the Kindle edition of Chasing the Wind has TWO product pages and is confusing prospective buyers. Since it’s been blocked by KDP, I can’t post a notice to readers to direct them to the right location, nor can I get rid of it. The link on my Author Central page there is to the defective edition. Run a search for the title or my name…you guessed it! I’m trying to get the whole page removed, but I suspect it will require customer complaints to get results.

Then, I went in this morning to edit the product info for Final Hours. Now the book is listed as being “In Review” instead of published….

That blood-curdling scream you just heard was me!


10 responses

  1. I have decided after careful analysis that chocolate covered bridge mix is a perfect food. Nuts, fruit and other mysterious delights full of delicious…ah…nutrients…that's it. Hope it gets better quick!

  2. Norma,

    So sorry! I know all of this is so frustrating! I hope you get it straightened out soon. Maybe you had better have chocolate ice cream over chocolate fudge brownies with extra chocolate syrup. When I'm upset, I like chocolate on top of more chocolate. Sending you warm wishes and prayers! Take care!

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