Ah, Amazon!

For the most part, I like Amazon. I’ve been quite happy with them as a partner in self-publishing my books. Compared to Barnes & Noble, Amazon has been smooth sailing!  (I get royalties from B&N, I get statements from them, and I just got my 1099 tax form from them. What I can’t get is into my Nook vendor account. I’ve been trying for months now. I can, however, get into my customer account–big deal!)

But getting back to Amazon. My only real gripe here is when I have to make a correction on one of my books. Even if it’s a big, honking error–like when I updated Chasing the Wind over the weekend, only to discover that twenty pages were missing from the file. Easily corrected, but anyone who bought that edition is stuck with an incomplete book. Only those buying it after I made the correction would get the complete novel. It’s not possible to buy it again and get the updated edition automatically. I know. I contacted KDP and got this response:

Hello Norma, 

Once you’ve updated your content, please write back so that the appropriate department can email all the customers who previously purchased your book to let them know an updated version is available; customers will then be notified within 5 business days.

At this time, we must receive their permission before sending the revised version to their Kindles because receiving the new version causes highlights, the last page read, bookmarks to be removed, and the locations of any notes won’t match the updated copy of the book. 

We’re working on a long-term solution to improve this experience by automatically making the revised content available in My Kindle Library. 

Thanks for using Amazon KDP.

Now they tell me. Collin set up a whole new book there last night. So…for any of you who bought the January 26th edition–an update of the 2008 edition–the corrected version is available by clicking on this link: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0073YZ51A

Yes, you do need the link to find it. If you do a search for it, you will only find the paperback and the original Kindle edition (which I’m trying to have removed). I’m told that customers who go to the book’s main product page will find a tiny (and I mean microscopic) + sign to the left of the Kindle listing that will take then to the January 26th update. As if anyone knows what that’s for! But there’s nothing to lead to the most current, CORRECT edition!

Now through February 5th, the Kindle edition is only $.99. Now, if you’ll excuse me, it’s time for my weekly meltdown….





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  1. So frustrating! I literally winced as I read your post. Good to know that changes are currently not an easy fix on Amazon.

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