Character Blog: James Lynde, The Unicorn’s Daughter

I’ve always been a loner. I suppose that’s what made me a candidate for the OSS back in ’41. No ties, nothing to distract me from my duties. Or at least that’s how it started.

I was damn good at it, if I do say so myself. I enjoyed outwitting the enemy. Once, I donned a Nazi uniform and walked right into their Paris headquarters. Then there was the time two of us were transmitting information right under the Nazis’ noses–I was in peasant garb, pushing a large barrel down the street My colleague was in the barrel with his equipment. 

After the war was over, things were pretty quiet–until the Cold War came along, and with it, the CIA. The spy game, as Hollywood calls it, changed dramatically. It wasn’t as exciting as the OSS had been, but still a challenge. My work in the OSS had been an adventure. The CIA was more like playing chess. 

I found myself spending more time in Moscow than I did in the US. I needed a cover, a position that would enable me to travel within the Soviet Union without suspicion. That’s where Harrison Colby and his daughter came in. A retired senator, Harrison Colby was taking over the reins of his father-in-law’s intenational banking firm. He had two daughters, Katherine and Frances. Long story short, a marriage to one of them would open doors for me to join the firm and establish my cover.

I was attracted to Katherine, but she was a strong, independent woman who would not have tolerated my long absences and unanswered questions. Katherine would have been a problem…so I married her sister. Quiet, bookish Fran was insecure and would be easily manipulated. She wouldn’t cause trouble. Or so I thought. She managed to get herself pregnant almost immediately. I was not thrilled. Being a father had never been part of my plans. I didn’t even like kids. They were an inconvenience I didn’t need. But if being a mother made Fran happy, well, she was the one who’d be raising the kid. I wasn’t planning to be a hands-on dad.

That all changed when Jaime was born. Right away, I could see that she was my daughter in every way. From her  red hair to her temper to her stubborn streak, there was no doubt. She was mine…and I adored her. She was the first and only human being I had ever loved. I would have done anything for that kid. I wanted to spend more time with her, especially after her mother’s death, but it was around that time that my cover was blown–and, for a number of valid reasons, I had to be dead to the world, including my daughter….

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I could see Tom Selleck playing “The Unicorn”…but he’d have to dye his hair and mustache red….


5 responses

  1. >Oh, just right, Norma! Great blog. James comes across strong here. I like the touch about the CIA being like playing chess as opposed to an adventure. And a good choice for the part, too. I could see Selleck playing him, even if it requires a dye job.

  2. >First off…yes, I can see Tom Selleck in the roll, but I agree with Karla…can't see him as a redhead…LOLIs it out yet? I want to get it when it does.

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