Character Blog: Jamie Randall, Final Hours

I didn’t want to hurt Liz. It may not seem that way, especially not to her, but I have never wanted to hurt her. I was a faithful husband in the years we’ve been together. Until I met Kate. Falling in love wasn’t something either of us planned. Fate intervened, and threw us together in a situation in which we only had each other. We needed each other in order to survive…and in the process, I discovered that I needed something else, something that had been missing in my life. No matter what else I had accomplished, I had not filled that most basic human need.

Kate and I were fiercely protective of our relationship–in the beginning a friendship, later becoming love. We understood each other as no one else could. Once, I was in Milan on business. I was exhausted, frustrated, and I missed her terribly. I came back to my hotel suite with nothing to look forward to but a long night of reviewing reports. Kate was on an assignment in some remote part of China. But shortly after I returned, a room service waiter arrived at my door with, of all things, a platter of cookies and a pitcher of cold milk.

“I didn’t order this,” I told him, confused.

The waiter assured me it was for me. He gave me a card. I opened it and smiled when I read the short note inside: “I hope you get fat. I’ll love you anyway.”

She couldn’t be with me, but she had managed to let me know I was in her thoughts and her heart. 


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  1. >I actually felt badly for Jamie…even though, his marriage was a lie, I felt badly that he couldn't get out of it when he wanted to. But, at least he got a chance to find what was missing from his life. So few people ever do.

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