Character Blog: Jack Farlow, Chasing the Wind

I’ve been partnered with Blondie–Caitlin–for four years now. It’s an odd partnership, to say the least. My partner arrested  me trying to do a break and enter at some foreign diplomat’s residence. I could have gone to prison for 10-20, which was a crappy prospect. I sure wasn’t looking forward to being some Bubba’s bunkmate. No offense to Bubba, but he ain’t my type.

Then Blondie got her bosses to offer me a deal: I work for them, use my somewhat dubious talents for good instead of evil, and I get the ultimate get out of jail free card. It was an offer I couldn’t refuse, obviously.

I could do a lot worse than being paired with her. She looks more like a model than a Fed. She’s hot–like that Borg babe on Star Trek: Voyager. (Oh, shut up. It’s not true than only nerds and geeks watch.) She can be a real pain in the –butt–sometimes, with her by-the-book attitude, but she’s a good cop.  She always gets her man, but that shouldn’t come as a surprise. The perps throw themselves ar her.

Okay, that’s an exaggeration.

Me, I make her crazy. I believe in breaking the rules when necessary. We balance each other. That’s what makes us such a good team. Like now. This whole bizarre abduction case is unreal. Why would someone be snatching only kids who were conceived by in vitro, only gifted kids with high-end IQs? What could they be after?

Makes no sense….

Author’s Note: First choice to play Jack would be Eric Close….


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