Character Blog: Alberta Ashland, Chasing the Wind

Phillip Darcy is the man God doesn’t want and the devil won’t have. He should come with a warning from the Surgeon General:May Cause Insanity.

He’s worked for me at Viewpoint for the past ten years. He’s the best photojournalist I’ve ever known–if he weren’t, I would have fired him long ago. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve had to bail him out of jail here in the US or how many times I’ve had to call the State Department to intervene on his behalf abroad. Darcy’s nothing if not dedicated. He will go anywhere, do anything to get that photograph.

If only he were so dedicated in his personal life. He has no trouble attracting women–women love Darcy. Until they really get to know him, that is. By that time, the best they can hope for is a decent divorce settlement. He’s got three ex-wives, so there’s not a lot to go around.

I think I’ve been with him longer than any of his wives or lovers, That’s because I know him too well to ever get involved with him on a personal level. Still, we are two of a kind: both driven, ambitious, more than a bit selfish. Workaholics.

I can’t believe I’m even allowing that thought to cross my mind….

Author’s Note: Kate Mulgrew would be a perfect Ally!


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