Character Blog: Robyn Cantwell, An Army of Angels

I don’t come from what anyone could call a normal family.

I’m the youngest child of six and the only girl. I learned how to manipulate males in the crib. My brothers know they can’t win an argument with me, so they’ve finally stopped trying. My parents are ex-hippies who raised us in a communal environment. Then they turned respectable and got married when I was twelve. How many of you can honestly say you attended your parents wedding? Not many, I’ll bet!

My overprotective brothers are all big men–they look like pro wrestlers, really–so it won’t come as a surprise when I say all the guys I’ve dated have all been perfect gentlemen. None of them wanted to tangle with the Cantwell boys. They wanted to keep their bodies intact and pain-free. 

In spite of my unconventional upbringing, I’m a very conservative girl. I was determined to remain a virgin until my wedding night. I say was because plans do change, and mine changed the night I met Alex Stewart. I was volunteering at the Guardian Angel Homeless Shelter. We went out in the van to find people on the street and offer them a place to sleep and a hot meal. Alex was one of the homeless people I encountered.

I found him sleeping at the bus station. He was reluctant to come with me, but I convinced him. I could tell right away that there was something different about him.  The people I normally saw at the shelter were commonly suffering from mental illness or abuse, families left homeless by a sudden job loss, people who desperately wanted to go back to the lives they left behind. Alex was clearly running away from something. He didn’t want to talk about his family or his past life.  He was intelligent, well-mannered–and, I soon discovered, a brilliant artist.

I fell in love with him. I could tell he also had strong feelings for me, but he kept his distance at first.  I didn’t understand it until the night he revealed his secret to me. It was a shock, I don’t deny that…but it didn’t change my feelings for him. I loved him even more for being willing to share with me that part of himself he’d never shared with anyone. It made me want to do the same…. 

Author’s Note: Rachel McAdams would be a perfect Robyn….


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