Character Blog: Jamie Randall, Final Hours

I’m not the ruthless b–man I’ve been made out to be by the media. I swear. I’m ambitious, yes, and I’ve made more than my share of mistakes. I’ve done a lot of things I’m not especially proud of. But I’m not without a heart. I would be far better off if I were.

I grew up in poverty, a scrawny Boston Irish boy who was bullied a lot. I was never much of a fighter, so I did little to defend myself. Instead, I grew up full of resentment. Success is the best revenge–that was my mantra. I determined that becoming rich and powerful was the answer, and so I began the pursuit at an early age, mowing lawns, delivering newspapers, anything that would earn me even a small amount of cash. And I saved every dime.  When I had enough, I began to buy stock–safe, predictable growth stocks at first, saving the high-risk moves for later. I was on my way.

But it wasn’t enough. I wasn’t even close to my goal, and I wasn’t a patient man. I fast-tracked my road to the top by making a business deal masquerading as a marriage. Liz–Elizabeth–was the only daughter, the only child of a wealthy, influential senator. Her family’s connections would open doors that would otherwise be closed to me. I didn’t love her, but I respected her. I respected the contract I’d made. I played the dutiful husband. When she became pregnant, I was again resentful. I felt trapped–but our twin boys, Ethan and Noah, are amazing kids. I love being a father, even if I’m less than happy as a husband. I’ve been faithful…up until now.

Now I’ve found the love of my life, and I’m not free to be with her. I’m paying for the sins of my past…. 

Author’s Note: Yep, it’s Ewan again, this time my choice for Jamie. He’s positively inspiring….


4 responses

  1. >Ewan's got that effect, it seems.These character blogs are really wonderful, Norma. I love the way you get in his head, his sense of responsibility, unhappiness, and struggle with his conscience all in turmoil with each other.

  2. >I can see him being Jamie. You've managed to create an arsenol of actors to play your parts that I can totally see playing those parts. You know I loved this book, so I might have to go back and re-read it just so I can add their faces to the characters. Good job!

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