Character Blog: Dr. Diane Welles, Final Hours

Jamie Randall came to see me after his mistress ended their relationship. He was having trouble coping. It had affected his ability to function in his daily activities. He wasn’t sleeping or eating properly. He’d lost interest in almost everything.

I suggested to him that if this woman was so important to him, the answer to his dilemma would be to divorce his wife so he could be with Kate. He insisted this was what he wanted. He had, he told me, already consulted an attorney. He’d planned to talk to Liz after his mother’s funeral. Had Kate not ended their relationship, he would have gone ahead with his plans.

I told him he might prove himself to her by going ahead with the divorce anyway. He worried that his children might be adversely affected by this. I assured him children are resilient. His twins are still young and would adjust. This would be preferable to growing up in a home with both parents when those parents are so unhappy.

I believe Jamie is still a product of his youth, in which he was consistently bullied by his classmates. He is unable to stand up for himself and what he wants. As for his relationship with Kate, I suspect he has become so emotionally bonded to her because in her he has found what’s he’s wanted all his life: someone who loves him for himself. He has spent his entire adult life reinventing himself to become a man who would be rich, powerful and envied, only to discover what he’s really longed for is love. 

Author’s Note: I’d choose soap actress Susan Flannery to play the good doctor.


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