Character Blog: Alex Stewart, An Army of Angels

I’ve got a secret. You wouldn’t believe me if I were to tell you what it is. I’m having a hard time believing it myself. It’s like suddenly finding out you’re adopted, and your biological father is Lucifer.

No, the devil is not my daddy, but it’s almost that bad.

I was devastated when I found out. It explained so much–like why I never really felt connected to my parents. It explains why my mother abruptly left us one day without warning, without explanation.  It explains why my  father–the man I believed was my father–treated me not like his son, but one of his experiments.

That’s exactly what I was.

I still don’t know how to deal with my new reality. I wonder if I’ll ever be able to have a normal life. Will I be able to marry, have children? For the answers, I have to find the only person still living who knows the truth about me: Dr. Andrew Stewart, my late father’s second-in-command…. 

And now, as if my life were not complicated enough, there’s Robyn. I tried not to fall in love with her, but as the saying goes, the heart wants what it wants.

I want Robyn. I need her. But to be with her, I’d have to tell her my secret. How will she feel about me, once she knows?  

Author’s Note: Only Ewan McGregor could play Alex….


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  1. >This is so cool. Do you just write different characters and post them? What do you do with these after? Do you actually use these character blogs to create characters for your stories? This is such a clever idea! I may steal it…

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